About Me

Hello, my name is Boot and welcome to my BLOG. I have been a bowhunter and fisherman all my life.  A couple decades ago I moved out of the swamps of southeast Missouri to the middle of the OZARKS.  It wasn't long until I ditched the spinning rod and started fishing the crystal clear Ozarks streams with a fly rod.  Nothing in my life has ever been quite the same since.  I remember buying Chuck Tryon's book "Fly Fishing for Trout in Missouri" about the same time I bought my first fly rod.  He signed my book and then said "Welcome to the obsession."  A few months later I bought my first tying vise. Of course I was going to save money by tying my own flies...Now, I have a room dedicated to it and travel the Midwest doing exhibition fly tying.

In my spare time I teach fly fishing and fly tying classes. On top of the classes and exhibition fly tying, I have started to travel around giving presentations on fly fishing and fly tying as well. Mostly on fishing in Missouri, the Driftless Area of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and ColoradoAs if all that wasn't enough, I have been guiding for about three year now on the weekends.

I am new to blogging and not real sure what I am doing. Please be patient.  My post will encompass fly fishing, bowhunting and the outdoors in general. Since I am married to a photographer, I will try and make sure to include as many photographs as possible.

A Hope you enjoy my ramblings.