Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Missouri Record Brook Trout

As Promised...

Here is a photograph of the new Missouri State Record Brook Trout. It was 14.8 inches long and weighed 1 pound 13.92 ounces. Amazing thing to me is that the kid doesn't seem to look real happy. Congratulations to him.

1 pound 13.9 ounce Missouri State Record Brook Trout


  1. Out of Lake of the Ozarks??? I not sure how I feel about that. So if I raise a bigger Brookie in my bathtube feeding it corn. then let it go in a creek somewhere, then catch it... do I have the new record??

    1. It was caught in a pretty small creek right by the lake. I fished the same place with him

  2. You know he's jumping up and down... on the inside.

  3. But Kevin, the biggest rainbow in Missouri came from Roaring River. Most likely a brood stock that was so old that it was let go before it floated belly up.

    As an adult I am not sure I would have even had the fish weighed, but as a 13 year old kid you bet you butt I would have.

  4. Where exactly is this creek?

  5. This creek is between two banks...ever been there?