Fishing Buddies

Darrick with a great "Quick Release" on The North Platte near Alcova, Wyoming

It takes someone tough to stand in the cold Big Thompson water without waders.

This was the reaction I got "just because I forget to grab him a beer out of the cooler" during a pitstop in Alcova, Wyoming.

2015 Driftless Crew Stinkbug, Floppy, Q-ball and Boot

2014 Driftless Area Crew...Boot, Q-ball, Stinkbug, and Sasquatch

Dad and myself - 2010
The Late Great Chuck Tryon

Tanya's first Trout on a flyrod.  Just look at that smile....Reeling and Healing...Midwest.

Dad and myself crappie fishing 2003

Cool Morning at Montauk - Winter 2010

NOTICE - I have outfished him again!

Mel Freeman (Sasquatch) taking a break

Mark Van Patten explaining how to measure the DO of a stream

Me, Lou and Max during a rainy fish outing on Roubidoux Creek

Staff Ride - 2008 (White River, Arkansas)

Roubidoux Fly Fishers Association - "Freeze Your Trout Off " fish outing 2007

Tim, Jerry and myself at Montauk, September 2011

Three Amigos! Dad, Ken Minner, and myself at Westover Farms, September 2011

Ken Minner doing a bit of fly tying.

Evidently Ken and Dad forgot to read the sign