Friday, February 4, 2011


Everyone has heard the old saying "Be careful that you don't bite off more than you chew". Well here is a prime case that this happens in the natural world as well. 

Last spring I was on Blue Spring Creek about an hour before dark when I saw something that looked like a trout in the shallows. I worked my way up to the fish when I noticed a dead trout with the 3-inch Sclupin lodged in his throat. If you have ever fished Blue Spring Creek you will know that this fish are typically not very big. Eight to ten inch fish are normal. This guy was a MONSTER. The stats in the last photograph are 6 inches long. That makes this one about an 11-inch fish. If only I could have landed him rather than found him.

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  1. So do you think he choked of do you think he was reguritating in the throws of death? It kind of reminds of a post of mine and a fish my little sister caught.