Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reeling and Healing Midwest - Fall 2015

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege of getting to hang out with the wonderful ladies of Reeling and Healing-Midwest. There is noting greater than being able to be a River Guide and give something back to those that have struggled through so much. 
The Reeling and Healing Ladies of fall 2015

While the fly fishing is pretty cool, my favorite part of the weekend is teaching the ladies about the Macroinvertabrates and other really cool bugs in the stream
BUGS and Flies

More Photos
Bev the hunter's first trout
Mary's first trout and she was so excited, but afraid to touch it

Just look at that smile
More Smile

Explain this to me...these ladies always seem to want to kiss their fish.
And the there is Emma. She just liked making scary faces with her fish.

The coordinator (Ms. Patti), elves (Alicia and Sharon), and river guides of this weekend are an awesome group of men and women who want nothing more than to give back. Some have survived cancer themselves, some their spouses are survivors, and other have had spouses that didn't survive. Ultimately, there is one goal in mind and it has nothing to do with fishing. It is therapy for everyone. For a few days, the ladies get to relax and not have to think about cancer, chemo treatments, and the stress of their everyday lives. I am just happy that I can be a part of such a great organization.


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