Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wyoming/Colorado Day Two

Wyoming Sunrise from Camp. Smoke from the wildfires out west made the skies really cool looking.

The second day was much more relaxing. There were no long road trips to get anywhere so we started exploring. Thirty six miles from Alcova is what is regarded as the best place to fish on the North Platte River. The tailwater below Kortez Dam starts what is called the “Miracle Mile”. We headed up there in the morning. It was a beautiful drive across huge expanses of high prairie. For a guy from the Ozarks it was truly something inspiring to see. After driving about 46 miles on the gravel road we decided that we had in fact missed our turn off. We saw the sign pointing to Kortez Dam, but the Miracle Mile was never mentioned. So after a back track, we got to the stream. After doing some exploring along the stream and talking to a couple locals we hit the river.

Never really know what you are going to see in this place

Much like the day before, as we sat putting on our waders we watched a guy land three fish while nymphing just downstream from where we were sitting. Again, we were psyched! We fished half the day in several spots and hooked up with fish a time or two. Not quite the “Miracle” stream that the signs said, but a beautiful place none the less. Come to find out a Trico hatch had just finished a couple weeks before and everyone said the 93 degree days had sure slowed the fishing down.

The Meadows area of Fremont Canyon

Another from the Meadows area of Fremont Canyon

Darrick fishing the head of Fremont Canyon.
In the afternoon we headed closer to Alcova to an area called Fremont Canyon, more specifically, the “Meadows” above Fremont Canyon. The stream was considerable different and when I say different I mean smaller. The Meadows was more like fishing the upper Current, only it was Wyoming, the fish were really big, and at the end of the meadow’s the stream flowed into a canyon with 200 to 300 foot high vertical walls. Of course we tried nymphing and did pretty good. Just as the day before at Grey Reef, as the sun began to set the brown Caddis hatch started. Needless to say there is nothing more fun that catching 18 inch fish that are rising to a hatch. 

Nice Rainbow landed on a EHC in the Meadows area of Fremont Canyon

So the morning and the Miracle Mile was kind of a bust. I am sure we might have caught fish there if we would have hung around longer and figured them out before we took off. The Meadows of Fremont Canyon on the other hand was fantastic. We decided to be there first thing on Day Three. So off to the Sunset Bar and Grill for a burger and a beer.

So ended Day Two

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