Friday, September 25, 2015

Wyoming/Colorado 2015 - Day Three

The first thing on the morning of day three we were back at the Meadows area of Fremont Canyon. Unlike the evening before, the caddis were nowhere to be found so we started nymphing, mostly a Prince with a RS2 or Harvester midge dropper. We only had until noon to fish, but we got lucky and it clouded up a bit and even showered a couple times. I guess the fish like it because day three was one of those memorable days of fishing you never forget. For me it was the day I landed my largest wild trout ever. It measured right at 24 inches. 

This is my largest wild trout ever. It is as large as my net which measures 24 inches

But day three was defiantly Darrick’s day. He landed 6 or 7 fish all in the 20 to 24 inch range and hooked into several more. 
One of Darrick's nice Rainbows
Darrick accidentally releasing that same rainbow

 More on day four of my Colorado/Wyoming trip coming soon.

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