Monday, June 10, 2013

Favorite Bluegill flies

So I am sitting at lunch the other day and someone new to fly fishing ask me what are the best flies for bluegill fishing. I wasn't really sure how to answer that. There are so many that work, but only a few that are outstanding. Here is my list. Tell me if you agree of disagree.

1. Bully's Bluegill Spider by Terry and Roxanne Wilson
2. Foam Spider by Joe Amanetti
3. Classic #10 black woolly bugger
4. The Briminator tied by Lou Runnalls
5. Foam Grass Hopper
6. Foam Beetle
7. Classic Popper (foam or wood...who cares they all work great)
8. Damselfly nymph
9. Hare's ear
10. And finally when all else fails...San Juan Worm tied big enough to keep all the nibblers off

What would you add or replace?

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