Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy, But Fishing

This fall has been chaos. Weddings, meetings and presentations. I have been so busy and it is only going to get worse for the next few weeks. On top of that bow season has started and I want to be sitting in a tree. I did however get time to steal away and go fishing a couple times. Dad, Ken Minner and I took a day and went to Westover Farms. Then last weekend Jerry Prewett and I reintroduced a good friend Tim Bull to fly fishing for trout.

Dad, Ken and I at WESTOVER FARMS
Dad, Ken and I took off and spent a Tuesday at Westover Farms. If you have never been there it is pretty amazing. There is solitude if you want it, a rustic setting, really big fish and friendliest folks around. Thanks Lisa, Tom and Marty. We caught lots of monster fish. My lunker for the day was a 19-inch rainbow. Of course it paled in comparison to Dad’s 21-incher and Ken’s 24-inch trout. The greatest part about the day was when we kicked back on the big porch, drank a cold beer, told a few fish stories and ate pickled quail eggs. Okay well Ken and I ate the pickled eggs. 

Nice WESTOVER Rainbow
Thunderstorms aside, we had a great time last weekend fishing at Montauk. I got to fish two days and never fished anything but dry flies. Tricos in the morning and EHC in the evening. Tim the master chef whipped up some kind of Jalapeno popper hamburger and baked beans one night then grilled trout and baked beans the other. Both were to die for. We enjoyed several CLS and MLS. That is dork slang for Coor’s Light Smoothies and Miller Light Smoothies. (BEER)  Tim braved his Sunday waders (holy) and landed his first trout since 1997 on a woolly bugger. It wasn’t long until he had the knack back and switched to a dry fly. In the end it was a great time spent with some great friend.

Tim, Jerry, and Boot - Doesn't Timmy look like the guy on the Cranberry Commercials

Sadly, Joe the fourth person in our group was unable to make it. To him, maybe next time. You missed some great food and we made sure there was no shortage of smoothies. By the way Joe, your wife said you were a grouch all weekend so next time we have to kidnap you and make you fish…and drink smoothies. 

Tim's Sunday Waders

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