Saturday, August 20, 2011


Recently we had a special fly-tying guest at the Roubidoux Fly Fishers’ August meeting. Mike Tucker is from Adairsville Georgia and specializes in the building and tying of foam poppers. It was amazing how many great fly-tying tips Mike dolled out in just a couple of hours. I had always thought that those big foam flies were a lot of work. Mike showed us that they are not near as complex as they seem. Here for your enjoyment are a few photographs of Mike’s poppers. 


Mike Tucker's American Poppers

Various Mike Tucker Poppers...
I think the green and red one in the lower right should be called the" Jalapeno Popper"

Mike Tucker's "4th of July" Popper


  1. That's quite a color assortment...definitely some good looking poppers in that bunch.

  2. Great looking poppers. The gills down south would go nuts for those

  3. Nice Bugs! Would have liked to set in on that meeting!