Friday, July 8, 2011

Bennett Spring Fishing

Finally, got to get away and fish for a few days with dad last week. Our tent camping trip to New Mexico was canceled due to the fact that both places we were heading had forest fires blazing and Colorado has too much water because of all the snow melt. Ended up staying local and going to Bennett Spring for a few days. As you can tell we really roughed it. Upscaled it from the tents to the camper. Complete with a satellite dish so we could watch the Cardinals lose.
Roughing it with 57 channels
Mid days were a bit thing to do was nap.
We ended up catching lots of fish once we figured out what they wanted. Who the heck would have ever thought about a blue crackleback? They really like the emergers after the sun went down and the shade hit the stream. Scuds also seemed to work. 

Nothing like using a picnic table seat for tying scuds. 
Even hit the Roubidoux for one morning. Lots of smallmouths and goggle eyes down by the island. One hold over trout up in the park area.  

Here is dad contemplating how he is ever going to outfish me...LOL

In the end it was a really peaceful week of fishing. Since it was midweek it wasn't too crowded in the park and there was plenty of elbow room. I even brought home a few fish for my wife.


  1. Looks like a nice trip , glad you lucked out and didn't encounter combat fishing conditions at BSSP. I've often thought about stopping at Roubideaux and checking it out but never have yet , sounds worth a shot though.

  2. Looks like it was a nice trip. We still need to geet together and fish someplace. Maybe in September.

  3. Ahhh thats the life. Camping, tying, fishing, sleeping in a camp chair..... sign me up!