Friday, June 17, 2011

Cherish what you have!

I have spent the last couple weeks working in the Joplin area and the devastation is just overwhelming. As I drive through the neighborhoods I cannot help but think that the lives of these people will not be the same for years to come. I have fishing trips with best friend (my father) planned in both June and July and I have to admit I am so lucky. The folks in Joplin will not see a normal life for years. 

Neighborhood in Joplin

I know that some of our friends from MAKO Fly Fishers live in Joplin. I just hope they are okay and their vises are still tying. 


  1. I give my best wishes and prayers to these poor people who have to deal with that total devastation. The title says it all. Cherish every little thing you have. Tight Lines.