Thursday, March 24, 2011


"BUB" Fly Pattern

Thread - 6/0 UNI-thread
Hook - Dai-riki #700, Size 10
Weight - Wrap 10 to 15 wraps of leadfree wire.
Body - Medium Chenille
Tail - Small dab of red thread
Tail/antenna - Medium Rubber
Hackle -  Bugger Pack

This fly is similar to a Bugger so it can be tied in a thousand different colors and a thousand different ways. Bead heads and chain eyes work really well. Trout seem to like every color...depending on their mood. Black and yellow BUB's both work really well on bluegill and bream. I have used purple and pink when fishing for crappie. Of course olive seems to work well on everything. When tying the flies for bream I normally tie the weight closer to the back end to help it sink hook first. Also sometime I will shorten up the antenna and tail for bream. 

Enjoy and I hope it works well for you.

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