Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More 2014 Driftless oddities...First Fishes and new caddis'

Here are a couple more interesting tid-bits from our the recent trip to the Driftless area in Wisconsin. Both come from the Kickapoo.
Net spinning Caddis

The first is a really interesting Caddis I seen. Actually, it is the caddis house more than the caddis itself. This little guy built or spin a little net that looked like a cabana . The water would flow in to the opening and to the back where he lived on the scraps that floated in. I had heard of these net spinners, but this is the first I have ever seen. Pretty Cool.

Q-Balls first brown Trout

Okay, so Q-Ball may not quite classify as an complete oddity, but I have to show you a photograph of his first ever brown trout. This came on what else...a PINK SQUIRREL.

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