Monday, July 16, 2012

Tribute to the Camp Cook...and a few fishing photos too.

Ever notice that when you go on a fishing trip for the weekend it seems like you have to come back home just to let your system get back to normal. NO, I am not talking about alcohol. Although the bottle of 18-year old scotch was really smooth, but that is not something you drink much of. You just drink it slow to enjoy it. The CLS' were incredibly tasty as well.

Tim's first Masterpiece...Deer Brats and potatoes
There is just something about camp cooking that seems to make everything better. That is double so when you have camp cooks along like my friends Tim and Jerry. Tim shows up on the first night with a Dutch oven and proceeds to cook some of the greatest meals. He started with deer brats and fried potatoes with peach cobbler, eggs, pancakes, and finally biscuits and gravy. 

Tim's second masterpiece Peach Cobbler and homemade ice cream
Jerry arrives a day later with a smoker and cooks the best fall-off-the-bone pork loin. Now I had boycotted pork for several months, but pulled pork is one of the greatest foods ever invented. I had to try some. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm good.

Smoked Pork Loin...Paradise
Oh did I mention that we also fished pretty hard too while we were there. We spent most of the time on the river either stripping leeches or trying to match the morning TRICO hatch close enough to land some fish. 

River Rainbow landed on a Leech
Dad with a nice River rainbow

Jerry with another river rainbow
The biggest fish of the weekend was a 18 inch Brown Trout landed on a bead head nymph. I was so proud of Tim. He let the lunker go back into the stream. That is quite a feat for someone who is categorically apposed to the whole "Catch and Release" concept. I guess I am wearing off on him.
Tim's Big fish for the weekend - 18 inch brown
And last but not least one afternoon on the river the doe decided to hang out in the creek and eat water grass as we fished on by. A bit surreal for her to be so relaxed while we just fished along. 

Note the doe standing in the stream feeding on the water grass.
Nothing beats a weekend spent on the creek and camping with great friends and family. Not to mention we had two of the best camp cooks around. I am still trying to recover from the gluttony of it all.

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  1. I assume you were fishing the current. Those Deer are getting pretty common and comfortable with fishers. Good Food, Good Friends and hard fishing!