Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cicada Problems...HELP!

I have always heard that cats have nine lives. I am now convinced that those 13-year cicadas are tough little buggers and have at least two. I found four of the ugly critters in the pool filter yesterday evening. Since I wanted to have a real cicada to help with the proportions of my fly pattern I brought them inside. They appeared to be soaking wet so I spread them out on a paper towel to dry.

I got home from work today and sat down at the tying desk for a bit. It wasn’t long until I heard that odd croaking or screaming coming from the other room. I walked in and guess what. Yes, you guessed it. There were only two cicadas lying on the towel and they were both alive and croaking. The biggest problem is that I found four cicadas. Now I have two cicadas wandering around my basement and I cannot find them. I am not afraid of the cicadas. They are harmless, but I am afraid of what my wife is going to do to me when she walks downstairs and one flies across the room.

Does anyone have any ideas on where a cicada will hide in a basement? If so please let me know.


  1. They will be where its most humid. (sump pump) Food is on their minds so you may be able to bait them with some lettucs.. I would immagine they are about to enter starvation. If they are both alive and only one of them is making noise then its the male, the fatter one is prob a female,, if they mate you could have really big cicada problem.

  2. "if they mate you could have really big cicada problem." That don't sound too good. Good luck with finding them. Hopefully before the wife does:)

  3. How many Cacada can 2 cascada make??? Crazy that they would still be alive after being in the pump filter. Good Luck buddy!