Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Enrico Puglisi - Product Review (A to B+)

Really cool stuff every tier should try...at least once
Enrico Puglisi - What the heck does that mean? I don’t know Spanish, but the package says that it is “Streamer Brush with Micro Legs” from www.epflies.com. Evidently, Enrico is by some guy who like to invent different types of fibers.

I was sitting at the Tri-Lakes Fly Fishers EXPO last weekend and ladies from River Run Flyshop and Outfitters had a package of this stuff lying on the table. I looked at it a couple times and thought to myself that it would tie an awesome leech pattern. I am a HUGE fan of leech patterns. “If you can’t catch fish, try a leech.”  It is basically spun dubbing with a very thin wire used rather than thread. There is quite a bit of sparkle in it and best of all, there are very fine rubber legs woven into it. I cringed and paid the $7.50 for the package of six and gave it a try.
The olive leech that every fish would want to eat!
I have only tied #10 leech patterns with it so far, but I have to say that it is definitely good stuff. It comes in several colors, but olive, tan or burnt orange are by far my favorites. Some of the brighter colors may work great for saltwater, but for the Ozarks those three colors seem to work best. The cost sounds pretty high, but it is really thick and you tend to use less product than with regular mohair. I suspect that I can tie somewhere between 30 to 36 flies with the single package. On top of that it is spun with fine wire. The flies are sturdy and should last no matter what species of fish you are chasing or how long you fish with it.

So how would I rate this product? I guess I would have to say the product rates an A in the quality and usability category. It is good stuff. It is sturdy, but while it may last forever and the fish can’t seem to destroy it, I seldom lose flies to fish. The trees behind me are a different story. Since I am always looking to save money where I can, in the category of cost I have to rate it closer to a B+. In the end… I will continue to use the stuff, but I will rip and rare every time I go up to the cash register to pay.

Enjoy and I hope that you find this review helpful.

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  1. I ment to tell you anytime you want to throw a line at Taney give me a call. That leach would work I bet.