Friday, February 11, 2011

September Stick Dance

Heads bobbing up, down, and all around
How are these things built off the ground
Sticks begin dancing through the air
Destroying this creatures natural insect snare
Then there is that blotch on your leg...Is it moving?
Millions of seed ticks, Boy, they are really grooving
You swung your stick way too late
Maybe you should have walked straight
Arms twitch as you spit, sputter and cough
Hope the trap you ate has natural protein
The birds, they chuckle deep down inside
As you scratch and paw at your hide
When you mix stupidity
With late summer humidity
It can only be for one reason
Your out scouting for deer season

So around the woods we prance
Performing the ritual - September Stick Dance
If you have ever went out in last summer to scout for deer you know what I am talking about. It seems like those spider webs are everywhere and no matter how hard you try you always end up eating a few.

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