Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Fur Ant

First you hear of wet and dry
Streamers, Terrestrials, and Nymphs
Confusing no matter how hard you try
Of the thousands you've only taken a glimpse

Adams? Which variety shall you choose?
For and Aft, Parachute, Irresistible, or plain
It doesn't really matter…all you will eventually lose
In the end this subject will drive you legally insane

There are Buggers, Muddlers, and Zonkers
These are of the weighted streamer variety
It is enough to drive you totally bonkers
Names change depending upon your society

Then there is the poor little caddis
No less than a hundred patterns…color aside
You must be as blind as a bat is
That is a "Light Olive Delta Wing Elk Hair" - See the hackle applied?

That my friend is a # 24 trico spinner, true as can be
Don't argue with me of the differences here or there
On that size hook, do you think the fish can really see -
Whether the wings are opaque, pearly, or clear?

Finally, we have come to my very end
Flies not seen by the naked human eye
Heaven forbid you have to fish into the wind
Tying tippet to midge…will make a grown man cry

So at my flybox I stare, wondering which fly is the one
Stress builds, as my breath becomes a light pant
The choice I make determines whether success or none
That's it...I'll go with the old reliable – You just can’t beat a Black Fur Ant!

February 11, 2011

1 comment:

  1. The choice inside that flybox can be difficult! Midges smaller than a 22 get the best of my eyes for sure!!! This was a fun read...thanks for sharing!